Where to meet your agent for the fast-track service?


Hi, I’m planning to get a visitor visa with you and pick the extra fast-track service to save time at the airport. Here’s two questions : 1. Where do I meet your agent when landing in Ho Chi Minh? Every time I travelled worldwide, I exited the plane and went directly through Immigration Officers. People waiting outside are not allowed in this area of the airport. That said, where is the agent waiting for me when I exit the plane to guide me? 2. If my flight is arriving at 1 AM during the night, is it still possible to get your fast-track service? Or is your staff available only during the day? Thank you very much, Vincent


Dear Vincent,

Unlike what you often see at the airport, our staff will be given a permission to enter Immigration Area and assist you with visa procedure. Right after you get off plane and head to airport area, there is a person who welcoming you with the sign board of your name. You should give him your passport, visa approval letter, entry and exit form, stamping fee. Just a few minutes, you will have your passport back with visa stamped onto.
Should you have any questions, please let me know.
Kindly regards,
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