what is airport fast trace service


how much does it cost at the airport if we go that way instead of getting a visa prior to going.


Dear Helen Parker,

Be kindly informed that our fast-track service is not used instead of a Vietnam visa. You are still required to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival prior to entering Vietnam and make payment with us. And then we will return a visa approval letter to you via email. You prepare all required things and bring them with your visa approval letter to get your visa stamped at the arrival airport in Vietnam. At the arrival airport, we offer you the fast-track service which is considered a visa stamping assistance service. It means that our representative at the airport shall pick up all your documents for visa stamping and then handle all customs procedures at the airportĀ  for you instead that you must stay in long queue in front of the check-in counter at the airport and wait for your turn to get your visa stamped. It saves your time at airport.

You can apply for a vietnam visa on arrivalĀ here.

We hope this information is clear to you.

Wish you all good things.

Kind regards,

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