Vietnam visa Processing time during Christmas


Hello, I am currently waiting for my new passport to arrive. I will be getting it on the 19th of December. I am leaving on the 24th to go to Bangkok and will arrive in Vietnam by the 27th of December. I was wondering, does that leave me enough time to ask for a Vietnam visa approval letter through the normal processing time? You say that it takes 2 working days, knowing that it is during Christmas time, will that be ok? Thank you Gabriel


Dear Gabruel Cartier,

Thank you for contacting us.

We are happy to say that from 19 December, you still have enough time to get a Vietnam visa approval letter using our normal service (2 working days) because we still working during Christmas. So, right after getting you new passport, you are advised to apply for Vietnam visa online with us and enjoy our special gift for Christmas and New Year of 2013. Since you have limited time for Vietnam visa application, so please check carefully and ensure all information you fill in the online form is correct.

Wish  you all good things.

Kind regards,

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