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Hi I will be arriving in HCMC on Nov 4th until Nov 10th, and I will then be going to Thailand for two weeks, I will then return to HCMC on Nov 24th and Departing back to Australia on Dec 9th 2012, on the application form do I only put the 1st arrival and the last departure date of Dec 9th, or do I list them both? Thank you. Rhondda McMullan


Dear Rhondda McMullan,

Thank you for contacting with us.

Since the first time you enter Vietnam is Nov 4th and the last time you exit Vietnam is Dec 9th (more than 1 month), and you exit Vietnam and then re-enter Vietnam once more, we suggest you apply for a 3 month multiple entry visa, allowing you to enter or exit Vietnam as many times as you want during your visa validity. Your arrival date in the application is the date of your first arrival (i.e Nov 4th in this case) and you are not required to fill the date of second enter. And also your date of exit in the application is the date of your last exit Vietnam (ie. Dec. 9 in this case).

We hope this informaiton is clear to you.

Wish you an enjoyable trip to Vietnam

Kind regards,

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