Stamping Fee


If i apply for 3 visas and the stamping fee is $17.25 at the airport, is it $17.25 each person or all together for 3 visas?


Dear Erine,

Thank you for your concern.

Be kindly inform that the service fee is the amount you pay us in advance to process the visa approval letter when you apply for Vietnam visa online. And this fee is 17.25 USD per 1 month single entry visa if you apply for 3 -5 persons at once. And the stamping fee is the amount you pay directly to Immigration Officers at Immigration Desk/Counter at the Vietnam airport to get your visa stamped. And this fee is 25USD per single entry visa and 50 USD per multiple entry visa.

Please see our Fees for detailed information.

We hope this information is clear to you.

Should have any question, please let us know.

Wish you all good things.

Kind regards,

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