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I am planning a holiday trip to Vietnam for 3 weeks in January, however, my passport will expire on the 13th July. It will still be valid for more than 6 month on my entry to Vietnam, but it will be valid for less than 6 months while I am there and coming back. (Please note: it will still be valid in January, but will pass the 6 month mark while I am there.) My question is: does the passport validity for 6 month applies from the date of entry or for the whole trip? Can I still get a 30 day tourist visa with my current passport or do I need to get a new passport first?


Dear Diana Kali,

Thank you so much for contacting us.

We are glad to say that you can apply for a Vietnam visa without renewing your passport if your passport is surely valid 6 months from the application time to your arrival date.

Wish you all good things,

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