kind of vietnam visa and stamping fee


1) I have planned to come in Vietnam for not more than 3 months, but tourist visa is for only 1 month, can i apply for business visa (3months) also if my purpose is tourism? 2) I am not carrying usd (i have euro or bath) how can i pay stamping fee? Can i pay in dong? Can i change currency before immigration or have i to buy dong before leaving? Thanks


Dear Maraldi Marco,

Thank you for contacting us.

We are happy to say that all 3 month visas to Vietnam shall be listed as Vietnam visa for business purpose, but you can use it for your tourism purpose. So you can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival with us to visit Vietnam as a tourist if you travel to Vietnam by air.  Please apply now to enjoy our special gift for Christmas and New Year of 2013.

Regarding stamping fee, it will be best if paying in USD. But you can pay in Euro, so don’t worry.

About currency exchange, you only can make currency exchange after finish clearing immigration procedure at the airport.

We hope this information is clear to you.

Wish you all good things.

Kind regards,

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