How Do Foreigners Apply For A Vietnam Permanent Residence Card?

The Article 13 of Ordinance 24/2000/PL-UBTVQH10 dated April 28, 2000, on immigration and residence of foreigners in Vietnam is as follows:

1) Foreigners who are residing in Vietnam in the following conditions will be considered for permanent residence:

a) Being unjustifiably oppressed while fighting for people’s freedom and independence, socialism, democracy and peace or for a science cause.

b) Having contributions in building and protecting the fatherland of Vietnam

c) Being the wife, husband, child, father or mother of a Vietnamese citizen residing permanently in Vietnam.
2) Foreigners can apply for permanent residence at the Department of Immigration Control of the Ministry of Public Security.

Please contact  Mr.  Tuan Nguyen Anh – Vietnam Visa Support Team Leader.. Hotline: + 84-1666 224 888

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