Getting a vietnam visa on arrival


I arrive on emirates on the 17th december in Bangkok and leave on the 17th january from bangkok back to cape town. south africa. I am going to be travelling to Viertnam sometime during that time with my daughter who is meeting me from Korea. I dont have dates for visa into Vietman when I am not sure when I will be entering and leaving.


Dear Cathy Dreyer.

Thank you for contacting us.

Since you are not sure about your dates of arrival and exit Vietnam, but you knew exactly the duration including your time in Vietnam with your daughter which is from 17 December to 17 January, you can fill these dates on the date of arrival and date of exit respectively because you are allowed to enter Vietnam right on or after the date of arrival and exit Vietnam before or right on the date of exit you submit on you application form. Otherwise, you are not allowed.

Please consider before applying for your Vietnam visa.

We hope this information is clear to you.

Wish you an enjoyable trip to Vietnam.

Kind regards,

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