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Hi i paid extra for the fast service what happens when i arrive at airport


Dear Helen,

Fast-track service is known as visa stamping assistance at airport. When your flight lands off Vietnam, please find our staff with the welcoming board having your name, and then give him/her your Vietnam visa approval letter, entry and exit form, passport, 2 photos and stamping fee (USD 25/person for single entry, and USD 50/person for multiple entry visa) and then he/she shall do all entry procedure for you and get the visa stamped on your passport. You only need for him/her to return your passport with visa stamped on it.

Fast track service is offer to help you save time staying in long queue waiting to get your visa stamped by yourself.

For more information, please see our extra services.

Should have any question, please feel free to ask us.

Wish you all good things.

Kind regards.

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