Another name on my visa approval letter


Hi there. I utilised your services to get my visa approval letter, which I have received. However, I notice another person’s name on my letter – however, they are not traveling with me, I do not know them. The letter number is 4176 and the name is Bukhari Mhendinivaz. Was there a mistake? Thanks


Dear Loren Naish.

Don’t worry because there will be no problem for you to get your visa stamped at the Vietnam airport with that visa approval letter. The only thing you need is to consider all your personal information and prepare all required things (your visa approval letter, passport-sized photo, cash for stamping fee, passport and Entry and Exit form) and bring with you to the Vietnam airport to get your visa stamped.

We hope this information is clear to you.

Wish you an enjoyable trip to Vietnam.

Kind regards,

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